Wednesday 24 August 2011

24th August 2011 - WOYWW

Hi there another week and here we are at What's on your Worktop Wednesday. I have not done any crafting (sob sob) as have been busy with family staying.  Last week my step son came for a few days which was lovely and when he went my son, daughter in law and grandson came to stay and then when they went my step son came back!  Had a fabulous time with them all it is always great to see them as they all live down in London.  Unfortunately my little grandson became ill on the Sunday with projectile vomiting (just as we arrived at his great, great aunt's house - shock horror!).  He is fine now and here is a picture of before he became ill:

Everything is now quiet here as my step son went home this morning so I am hoping to return to some crafting :-]  My worktop is a bit of a mess (nothing new there I can hear you say).  I finally tracked down my package from the postie (they initially lost it!!) so the contents of that are in the fore ground.  My husband and I (sound like the queen don't I?) went to a garden centre today while we were waiting for his appointment time at Preston Hospital and he bought me that pretty box which I thought would be good to put my overflow copics in but at the moment it is too big so I have also put my new ribbons in which arrived on Monday.

You can just see on the top right a cute little frame and stitched picture with "Harrison" embroidered on it which I have bought to give my grandson - again at another garden centre (can you see the underlying theme in my life???).  I have just printed out some nitwit papers to make a yellow card as one of the ribbons I got was yellow but I am not sure if it will be too much or not - I'll let you know.  To share in the fun pop over to Julia's blog and have a nosey er I mean peep at everyone's worktop.  Please leave a comment I love reading them and I always visit your blog.  Take care xx


Helen said...

EEk - they do pick their times to be poorly!! Hope it all went ok at the hospital and you get to another garden centre very soon, lol!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Digging holes in the sand - it's the best thing whatever your age!! Hope he's on the mend now x

ally fiddy said...

Cute photos