Wednesday 2 November 2011

Getting Ready!!

Morning everyone!  Today is What's on your Workdesk Wednesday over at Julia's place.  As usual my workdesk is a complete an utter shambles. BUT I am going away on my girly holiday tomorrow so I don't care and I am not even going to show you a picture of it ha ha (cause I'm too embarrassed really).  Instead I shall show you a picture of my new home for the next 7 nights:

Yippee that's where I'll be (no, not in the lake but rather the hotel!!).  We shall be having a great time shopping, slurping sipping cocktails and a bit of gambling (shock horror - just a bit I said).  What more could a girl ask for oh yes and Rod Stewart on Saturday night!!

As I haven't made any cards (too busy packing and cleaning and baking for DH) I have an old one I will post today:

Cor its very bright isn't it?  Can't remember anything about it (that is definitely my age) apart from its a Magnolia stamp or rather two.  If you get chance bob over to Julia's and have a look at everyone else's workdesks - very addictive. 

I'll catch up with you all later today hopefully then I'll be back in about 9 days yeehaw!! Take care xx


C said...

Looks like a fun getaway! Be safe and win big! :0

chrissy xx said...

I want to come too!!! I would gladly stay outside the hotel lol if you would take me with you to see Rod Stewart!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like your excited and in for a great time, any room in the suitcase, a beautiful card lovely colours.
Chris x

Victoria said...

have an absolutely fantastic time x

Sylvia x said...

Have a wonderful time

#Sylvia xx

The Crafty Elf said...

Oh lucky girl!!! I went last October with 8 other girls and we had a blast. We stayed at the Venetian. I'm going with my husband five weeks from Sunday and we too are staying at the Bellagio! Make sure you hit the Martini bar's awesome! I'm so excited that you got your dollar store trees. Follow my post and you should have no problems at all. If you know where to find me I would love to help you out! You must show me your finished tree - PLEASE! Win Big!!!!

Mrs.B said...

Have a great holiday Susan and don't worry about Christmas, you still have time when you come back. (and don't worry - I still have to buy the prezzies).
Your post made me smile when you wrote 'bob over' My DD is at Uni in Preston and has mentioned people in the NW say 'bob' whereas we say 'pop'!
Hugs Avril x

Chrissy said...

You lucky girl...wish I was going away for a few not done that for ages...dont know how to gamble any other'm going to find the link to one of my older posts, so you can click on it and see who came to my house.....

Lovely bright and breezy the image and the colours really are lovely.

Will be back if I can find my


Debbie said...

Hi Susan...You lucky girl. I hope you have a wonderful time. Take care.
Debbie x

Pop's Cards said...

This is really beautiful x

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm such a dunce I didn't realise where the hotel is! Have a fab fab trip. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh enjoy your hols! Make sure to look at the ceiling in the foyer of the Bellagio!! Have fun.

Brenda 74

Bridget Larsen said...

Love that picture, have a great time away and dont forget to show us pictures of that beautiful hotel
Bridget #2

♥Gemma♥ said...

Beautiful card hun & hope your having a fantastic holiday too!
hugs and xxx