Monday 18 March 2013

Help Please!

Please could one of you kind bloggers help me?  I need to create a sticky post and being the numpty that I am I can't remember how to do it!  I know its dead easy but for the life of me I can't remember how to do it.  Thank you xx

Edit - thanks Mandy I think I have done it!!


Mandy said...

Hi Susan,
Lol...Know just how you feel,have times like that myself when you have done the post over to the right,click on the schedule button,click set time and date,click on the date you want the sticky to stay at the top of your blog,then click on the time,click what time you want it to stay till,click done and then publish as normal... Hope this helps...
Mandy x

Unknown said...

Many is correct.x

Sandy said...

Are you kidding me - my husband has to help me with the computer - I am what you call mentally challenged when it comes to the computer.