Wednesday 5 October 2011


Good morning everyone its a Wednesday so this is officially snoop day!  If you go over to Julia's blog and post a picture of your worktop today (go on don't be too ashamed, look at mine) you can also have a look at everyone else's its so much fun I guarantee it!  As you know I have been away in London for my grandson's first birthday and whilst I got back Monday I have found it a bit slow going getting back to my crafting.  I did start a card yesterday which you can see amongst all the rubble but I haven't finished it yet, hopefully today.

Most of what is out has nothing to do with the card I'm making its just left over from other bits I have now given up trying to be tidy in my craft room it doesn't work!  The boxes I made weeks ago are still sitting there waiting to be used and decorated - on the other side of the room are loads of cards waiting for boxes?????? What's that all about?!!!  There are several pads of Halloween paper which I am finding it so hard to use as most of them are double sided and I have a serious problem using double sided paper.  My palms get sweaty, palpitations and a slight groan and then the pad goes away again unused.  I am not going to buy anymore double sided pads as they are a serious risk to my health!!  Anyway I couldn't go and see my little prince without sharing a picture could I?? So here he is:

A big kiss to him - mwahxxxx I am hoping to be back later today to post a card of some description although it will probably not be made with double sided card!  Thanks for looking, take care xx


Sarah said...

I totally get the two sided thing but sometimes you have to just be brave otherwise you won't use it at all! Love your spave - looks very cosy!
Thanks for the peek! Sarah (at 11)

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey Sue - that's not untidy - gracious! You'll get over the double sided thing, honest...just as soon as you need the perfect paper on one side and are sick to death of dragging out the pads and putting them away again! After all, the manufacturers only ever meant you to use one side, huh!


Hello - Hope you get your crafting enthusiasm back soon. I hear you over the double sided paper if you love both sides what do you do (I have to resist the temptation to buy extra sheets of the ones I love so that I can keep them in tact). I plan to make my dh something for Christmas from some of the wizard of Oz paper so at least some of it will staying the house. The boxes (bless you, I made) are based on the dimensions at
2011/09/stacking-photo-cubes-dimensions.html modified to give xtra lids as I wanted nesting boxes and then covered with paper from hobbycraft (for dolls houses none the less!). Check back next week for the finished look!

Helen said...

I am with you re double sided paper.... but it's always soooo gorgeous I buy it anyway! Have a fun day.

jude said...

I love looking stroking and adniring double sided paper .But and big BUT coming to use is another matters too lush to create with.I dont know what we crafters like sitting stroking papers
Have fab wedensday and a creative week .Pop by as i have candy on offer until 26th
hugs Judex9

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Suzie yes know what you mean with double sided paper but have now solved the dilemma!
When take out an adorable sheet bring it in here to computer room and scan both sides and save it into my digi paper file.
Lo, when what to use the other side and it is not there in its glorious wholeness I print out however much I need - often have it now on my papers, and re-used on cards and also makes up for my lack of my favourites too. Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That's a clever tip above from Shaz! You needn't worry then. Like that timepiece clock card you're working on. Anything with watches, clocks, gears etc is ok by me :D
Hugs, LLJ xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Bless him isnt he lovely - love the look of your desk too, nice and creative!

SueH said...

Aww, what a little cutie, I bet you didn’t want to come home and leave him, bless!

Now, that’s what I call a ‘working’ desk Susan and it’s no different to mine because I don’t put stuff away either. If I do (which is rare) manage to start with a clear desk it’s back in the same messy state in five minutes flat.

Not sure what to say about the boxes waiting for cards and the cards waiting for boxes but I think there may be a solution hidden in there somewhere Lol!

Happy Crafting!


Hello again - I know a bit of a mammoth watching session - no problems with asking I have just used ordinary cardboard for the boxes I have made (if I was worried it was too thin I just glued 2 together and then used them. If you want chipboard I get mine from Pickleberry Papercrafts, lady by the name of Kate, ( you can buy individual sheets or she usually does me a deal for a pack of 25 and P&P (last time I got them it was £17 which is still cheaper than individual sheets plus). Hope that all helps andhave lots of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, I don't buy double sided papers for that same reason, such a waste, but I like Shaz's idea though. Your little lad is such a charmer, going to be a real heart breaker!

Brenda 67

Franka Benjaminsen said...

I have the same with these double sided papers. Which do you choose and which you loose :-D
But I think your Halloween card looks great. I love the stamp and the clock you've used.
Thanks for visiting me.
Bye, Franka

fairyrocks said...

Awe he is adorable. And my craft space it the same story as yours. Too many ideas, too little time....Keep smiling and creating

ScrappnBee said...

Love the desk! ...and your little prince! I could write the book on too much patterened paper! LOL! Happy WOYWW!- Amanda

Spyder said...

I know what you mean about double sided paper, Daughter's just brought me some Halloween papers back from her trip to USA, they go mad over there, and it's just tooo cute to cut!! Great desk! Happy WOYWW

Simple homemade living said...

I feel the same about papers why tempt us with two pretty sides - to get us to buy two sheets no doubt lol. Your desk looks very creative and inviting. What a cutie in the photo x x

Chrissie said...

Your crafting space looks great!
Mine isn't really tidy, there's stuff all over my cutting surface and all over the bed and lots on the floor... but on the whole it is vaguely organised!
Thanks for the visit!

Elizabeth said...

I totally understand the double-sided paper anxiety thing ... two sides to choose from ... what a dilemma! The answer, I suppose, is to buy at least two of each pad/sheet. The card you made with the paper is fab, love the pumpkin head image (yes, I had to peek). Your wee prince is gorgeous, of course. I also love the anniversary card in the previous post , it's gorgeous. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #75

Nicky said...

love your craft space and the card you have posted above its brilliant x

dianneo said...

My problem with double sided paper is usually I like both sides and am not sure which side to use!